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Life After Release is women based, formerly incarcerated led organization We vow to provide at risk and formerly incarcerated women of Prince George's County with an opportunity to overcome the barriers that often plague women of color after released from incarceration.   

The Doyenne Project



  The Doyenne Project is a eight-week  Program. This program combines essential life skills training all the while providing support that will stabilize and improve the lives of at risk and formerly incarcerated women. 

Reducing Recidivism


 Getting out of prison is the easy part. Staying out requires a change in lifestyle,thought patterns and people. With our help you can make not only a change, but a difference. 

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Life After Release

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Since 1980 the women’s prison population has increased by 700%.  Because the prison policy has changed from “rehabilitation” to “warehousing”, the connection between powerlessness and imprisonment is clear among the women in prison.  Women of color are being locked up for crimes of poverty to provide for their children.   Most women that go through the system are are high school dropouts and unemployed. Maryland’s recidivism rate is 40.5 percent. One interpretation of this high rate of recidivism is that those released are unprepared for transition back to the community. Too frequently, those released have low levels of literacy and few marketable job skills. High rates of reoffending and returning to prison contribute to overall high rates of incarceration, thus stretching fiscal resources to maintain costly state prison systems.