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Working to build a voting block of over 50K formerly incarcerated people in Maryland 



Victory! in keeping a black man from going to prison (cage) for 38 years after a predatory traffic stop, where is was beaten police. 



Victory! in getting black man out of a jail (cage) after being wrongfully accused.  



 Jamaal Byrd was arrested on September 30, 2019 for allegedly having marijuana. Jamaal was simply on his way to sign up for a job training program. He was transported to DC Central Cell Block (300 Indiana Avenue NW) where he was found unresponsive the same day at about 10:57 PM. Jamaal was pronounced dead on October 1, 2019!  



 Police don’t keep us safe, WE KEEP US SAFE! Racist white Cops broke the neck of a unarmed Black man who was handcuffed at the time of this horrific incident. #Justice4Monte is paralyzed from a made up “crime” that he wouldn’t be QUITE after the Police drew his gun on him and his 6 year old daughter. 

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 Local Justice Campaign