Free Them PG Community Outreach is a group of abolitionist activists based in Prince George’s (PG) County. We began as a small team of volunteers providing physical jail support in 2019. This meant standing outside of jails in PG County and providing folks coming out with phone calls, connections to transportation, snacks, and other basic necessities. In 2020, the global pandemic forced us to change course and we began providing virtual jail support through letter writing and participating in community mutual aid.

As a division of Life After Release, Free Them PG Community Outreach focuses on supporting our community–both inside and outside of jail.

We provide this support in the following ways:

  • Physical and Virtual Jail “Cage” Support–We have a total of 10 volunteers that come out and do physical jail support. We also have 8 volunteers that write to community members impacted by incarceration and provide them with information on how to connect with community resources–including financial support, food aid, transportation, and legal support.
  • Inside Support– We put money on incarcerated women’s accounts monthly in the amount of $50, to assist with cost associated with obtaining menstrual hygiene, medication and other dietary needs.
  • Emergency Aid –We have provided food aid to more than 500 families during the pandemic–shopping for them and delivering food or providing them with funds to purchase their own groceries.
  • Maintaining Connections–We write to incarcerated women on a regular basis to see what their needs are and how they are doing.
  • Community Centered Events–We work with several organizations, including Life After Release, to organize community events centered on providing access to information, connection to services, and community celebration. Events have included a Brake Light Clinic, Vaccination Clinic, and Mother’s Day Bailout Block Party.