Legal Empowerment


Community Courtwatch

Become a court watcher.  On a daily basis members go to the Courthouse to watch the court.  Courtwatches are a vital tool for securing professional conduct in the courtroom! Judges, lawyers and other professionals perform on their “best behavior” when faced with several citizens

Participatory Defense

 Every Saturday from 1:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m we have Community meetings  to help  justice involved  community members with their legal cases.  Participatory defense is a powerful new model for reforming public defense and challenging mass incarceration. Participatory defense amplifies the voices of the key stakeholders—people who face criminal charges, their families, and their communities—in the struggle for system reform. Participatory defense empowers these key stakeholders to transform themselves from recipients of services provided by lawyers and other professionals into change agents who force greater transparency, accountability, and fairness from criminal justice systems. 

Post Conviction/Reentry Clinics

 Every 4th Saturday we facilitate these clinics to educate formerly incarcerated and families on how to navigate the judicial system through legal empowerment.